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After extensive debugging, I have concluded the problem is that this hardware hates me.

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Two red buttons and sweating guy meme. One button says "Kernel hacking". The other button says "Lesbian fanfic".

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"tengo tan poca dignidad que, odio a AMLO, pero si me puedo vivir del erario, lo hago"


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Manifestación cerca del "Palacio Presidencial" en Kabul, sosteniendo "la bandera de Afganistán".

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Cada vez que EE.UU ‘Salva’ a un pueblo, lo deja convertido en un manicomio o un cementerio.

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@AskAnshul@twitter.com Salute to the Brave
Pray for Afghanistan🙏🙏

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Girls on the way to school in Afghanistan. 16.08.2021

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Dr. @Swamy39@twitter.com's far-sighted vision of US-Taliban is exactly as he said in 2018. #Afghanistan #AfghanistanHasFallen

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Recordar, a todos los que depotricáis contra el bilingüismo, que, por mucho odio que tengáis al gallego, catalán o euskera, si el sanguinario dictador no consiguió callarlas prohibiendo su uso e imponiendo el castellano durante lustros, tampoco lo váis a conseguir vosotros.

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There are mountains of research showing that filters for "sexually explicit" content overflag LGBTQ+ content. This "feature" is going to out a lot of queer kids to their homophobic parents. https://twitter.com/KendraSerra/status/1423365222841135114

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"Child pornography is so repulsive a crime that those entrusted to root it out may, in their zeal, be tempted to bend or even break the rules. If they do so, however, they endanger the freedom of all of us." (US v. Coreas) https://twitter.com/Snowden/status/1423469854347169798

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Read this. "It is the endorsement by one of the largest industry players of the principle that ubiquitous spyware on consumer computing devices is normal and acceptable in free societies." https://twitter.com/normative/status/1423744003267338241

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Cuando le das el extra a tu participación en la #ConsultaPopular2021

Vía: @rochaperiodista@twitter.com

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Debian GNU/Linux running bare metal on the Apple M1 with a mainline kernel.

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Photograph of a Mac Mini against a monitor displaying a shell prompt, the Debian spiral, and the Wikipedia page "Asahi Linux" in the text-based browser "links".

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Pide ayuda a las feministas? ok,creo que es tiempo de abrir hilo y exponer el acoso y la violencia física, verbal y psicológica que sufrido por parte de @Talia_AcaShore@twitter.com desde hace tres años. En diciembre me pego y tengo pruebas y ss de todo hasta de sus llamadas amenzandome. https://twitter.com/Talia_AcaShore/status/1416135831761326082

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the euphoria special episodes have received 3 nominations at this year's emmys.

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That time Carl Sagan called out Star Wars for being too white and the audience didn’t know what to do 💀

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¿Recuerdas cuando te uniste a Twitter? ¡Yo sí! #MiAniversarioDeTwitter