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I know lots of things, *LOTS OF THINGS*

Do I exist?

Am I human?

What is human?

Who knows?
Answer: somebody else does, somewhere else...







so the
is more visible

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Legally, you can’t die if you reach the age of 125, because there is no ICD code for ages greater than 124, as would be required for your death certificate.

Immortality is not out of the question

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@ben idk, probably won't help, and there are like 4 masto clients here already (one of which requires non-web ports for some reason)...just would be really convenient if it worked

@ben ahem, what part of "blank screen with no interface or messages" did you miss? as I implied, I already relogged the pleroma part, which is totally separate from masto part, separate login and all, y'know

@ben how'd I do that, eh? from pleroma, it doesn't the masto part (cause have to specifically login to masto part separately)

@ben uhh, if I inspect element, and go to network requests, I can see that technically it's requesting and receiving the messages we've talked.... but it only displays a blank page

it stays at https://pleroma.tilde.zone/web/getting-started and stays at blank page

<body class="app-body no-reduce-motion system-font">
<div class="app-holder" data-props="{&quot;locale&quot;:&quot;en&quot;}" id="mastodon"></div>

is literally everything in the body section....but it does request the homepage, and I can see it in the network inspection thingy...

@ben I guess it has no idea how to detect port block and warn me