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German Chapter of the Forth Interest Group, spreading information about stack based languages

Forth Tagung this weekend
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Video: Factor in 2022
The Factor programming language is a concatenative, stack-based programming language with high-level features including dynamic types, extensible syntax, macros, and garbage collection. On a practical side, Factor has a full-featured library, supports many different platforms, and has been extensively documented.

John Benediktsson & Doug Coleman give a tour of the language and when has been added in recent years.


Video: Software doldrums
This keynote talk is titled "Software Doldrums," as presented by Rek and Devine of Hundred Rabbits.

Hundred Rabbits is a small artist collective consisting of Rek, a writer and cartoonist, and Devine, a programmer, artist, and musician. They travel the globe together with their sailboat named "Pino" while creating and adapting, among other things, software to fit their needs.

Part of their software stack is UXN, a VM and programming language influenced by Forth.

This talk, which was featured as a keynote at LibrePlanet 2022, is about the dangers and shortcomings of relying on always-online proprietary platforms. Hundred Rabbits will share how they reimagined their software to encourage the reuse, repair and maintenance of existing hardware.


Video: Defining Forth Data Structures / Records
Ulli Hoffman did a great tutorial on "Defining Forth Data Structures / Records" last weekend, a video recording is available at <https://youtu.be/6xFYcHhjojY?t=102>.

Neue Version des e4thcom Terminal

PlanckForth - ein minimales Linux-Forth
In der letzten VD hatten wir mit SectorForth ein Beispiel für Forth-Minimalismus. Das SectorForth passt in die 512 Bytes des Bootsektors einer Diskette oder Festplatte eines PC Systems. PlankkForth ist nun ein weiteres Beispiel für Forth-Minimalismus:

PlackForth ist ein Linux-Programm als handgeschriebene ELF-Linux-Datei (ELF = Executable and Linking Format - Dateiformat für ausführbare Dateien unter Unix/Linux). D.h PlankForth liegt nicht im Quelltext als Assembler oder Hochsprache vor, sondern wurde vom Autor Koichi Nakamura manuell in einer Hex-Datei geschrieben. Diese Hexdatei ist der "Quellcode" und wird in Binärcode "übersetzt".

Das Ergebnis ist ein minimales Forth mit 37 Forth-"Wörtern" die jeweils aus nur einem Buchstaben (bei Unterscheidung von Gross- und Kleinschreibung) bestehen. Das resultierende Binärprogramm ist genau 1024 Bytes gross, also doppelt so gross wie SectorForth.


Performance comparison: counting words in Python, Go, C++, C, AWK, Forth, and Rust
Ben Hoyt made a benchmark test in various languages, and compares performance across them.


The discussion in c.l.f. about the optimisations of the Forth version are an interesting read


New simple 64-bit native-code Forth system running on AMD64
Anton Ertl is working on a new Forth system written in amd64 assembly. The main goal of fforth is to demonstrate modern Forth implementation techniques, in particular: header structures that directly represent, e.g., compilation semantics and recognizers

It is work in progress and can be found on Github: https://github.com/AntonErtl/fforth

Bootstrapping a Forth interpreter from hand-written tiny ELF binary.
A nice example on how to bootstrap a forth system from a bare minimal binary:


a 79-STANDARD sub-set implementation entirely written in assembly language for an an Hitachi 63C09 based single board computer, aka the "reference Z79Forth board."


Video: IMSAI 8080 FORTH programming
IMSAI Guy shows F83 FORTH programming language under CP/M


Forth Video Course
Joseph Kreydt has some Forth intro videos on YT:


A minimal Forth system in 26K of C-Code

A minimal Forth system in ANSI C

Video: Forth - Datenstrukturen für DMX

Collapse OS now re-implemented in Forth
Collapse OS is an attempt to implement a simple OS that can run on anything computer-ish in case civilisation collapses


Originally in assembler, the people around it discovered and then adopted Forth


The discussion around this topic is interesting


Quine Relay
>> This is a Ruby program that generates Rust program that generates Scala program that generates ...(through 128 languages in total)... REXX program that generates the original Ruby code again. <<

forth is part of it


Forth Story "I shipped a word processor that formatted the hard drive every 1024 saves"
The word processor was written in Forth. Using block storage. Interesting story:


C Compiler for 6502 (C64) written in Forth
Philip Zembrod has published a C-Compiler written in Forth that targets the 6502 CPU called cc64.

cc64 produces faster code than cc65 and Power C


Videos from the Forth e.V. 2020 virtual conference
The videos of the virtual Forth Gesellschaft e.V. conference held in March 2020 are now online



Workshop - Forth für 'blutige' Anfänger

Hidden Service - Ein Digital Verteiltes Online-Chaos

Freitag, 10.4. 20-23++ Uhr

Forth für 'blutige' Anfänger


Ein 'Crashkurs' in die Programmiersprache Forth