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German Chapter of the Forth Interest Group, spreading information about stack based languages

Video: Defining Forth Data Structures / Records
Ulli Hoffman did a great tutorial on "Defining Forth Data Structures / Records" last weekend, a video recording is available at <https://youtu.be/6xFYcHhjojY?t=102>.

Neue Version des e4thcom Terminal

PlanckForth - ein minimales Linux-Forth
In der letzten VD hatten wir mit SectorForth ein Beispiel für Forth-Minimalismus. Das SectorForth passt in die 512 Bytes des Bootsektors einer Diskette oder Festplatte eines PC Systems. PlankkForth ist nun ein weiteres Beispiel für Forth-Minimalismus:

PlackForth ist ein Linux-Programm als handgeschriebene ELF-Linux-Datei (ELF = Executable and Linking Format - Dateiformat für ausführbare Dateien unter Unix/Linux). D.h PlankForth liegt nicht im Quelltext als Assembler oder Hochsprache vor, sondern wurde vom Autor Koichi Nakamura manuell in einer Hex-Datei geschrieben. Diese Hexdatei ist der "Quellcode" und wird in Binärcode "übersetzt".

Das Ergebnis ist ein minimales Forth mit 37 Forth-"Wörtern" die jeweils aus nur einem Buchstaben (bei Unterscheidung von Gross- und Kleinschreibung) bestehen. Das resultierende Binärprogramm ist genau 1024 Bytes gross, also doppelt so gross wie SectorForth.


Performance comparison: counting words in Python, Go, C++, C, AWK, Forth, and Rust
Ben Hoyt made a benchmark test in various languages, and compares performance across them.


The discussion in c.l.f. about the optimisations of the Forth version are an interesting read


New simple 64-bit native-code Forth system running on AMD64
Anton Ertl is working on a new Forth system written in amd64 assembly. The main goal of fforth is to demonstrate modern Forth implementation techniques, in particular: header structures that directly represent, e.g., compilation semantics and recognizers

It is work in progress and can be found on Github: https://github.com/AntonErtl/fforth

Matteo Vitturi writes a Z80N Forth system suitable to run on the new ZX Spectrum Next


Bootstrapping a Forth interpreter from hand-written tiny ELF binary.
A nice example on how to bootstrap a forth system from a bare minimal binary:



Zweig zeitschriften: datenschleuder #103 und Vierte Dimension 4/2020

Thanks to Philip Zembrod, VolksForth now runs on the new -x16 homecomputer:




@forth Thanks, Carsten. The board is real and so are the benchmark results submitted for the VCFe Muenchen 2020. Picture attached. Kicad schematics to be provided on Github within two weeks time.

a 79-STANDARD sub-set implementation entirely written in assembly language for an an Hitachi 63C09 based single board computer, aka the "reference Z79Forth board."


Liebe Freunde des gepflegten Alteisens! Kommendes Wochenende ist Vintage Computing Festival Berlin 2020 https://vcfb.de/2020/), und ihr könnt das alle besuchen, ohne auch nur einen einzigen Fuß vor die Tür zu tun. Ich bin dieses Jahr leider nur passiv dabei. Schade finde ich insbesondere, dass dieses Jahr die Fotografiererei auf der Strecke bleiben wird: https://www.flickr.com/search/?user_id=52924836%40N00&text=vcfb&view_all=1

Forth benchmark competition and Forth "live-coding" tomorrow @ VCFb


Thanks to various expressions of interest & support, I've freshened my old ForthOS. It builds its own GDT/IDT, has a proper RTC handler, and all I/O is interrupt based (previously it was a polled system). On qemu it no longer pegs the host CPU at 100%. It's still free, open source, and so forth. Try the new image disk image (source included):


Video: IMSAI 8080 FORTH programming
IMSAI Guy shows F83 FORTH programming language under CP/M


EuroForth 2020:

Online from 4th to 6th September 2020

Registration (free):


2020.7 is now out.

Get it at https://forthworks.com/retro/r/RETRO12-2020.7.tar.gz or gopher://forthworks.com/9/retro/r/RETRO12-2020.7.tar.gz (add .sig and .pub to the URL if you want to check the signature)

This is a minor release, see http://forth.works/share/95e3a6e7444ee03fdf23efbe309f8061 or

As a side note, I now have a Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/_crc to help support the ongoing development. As a result of this, Retro is now available for free in the iOS and Mac App Stores

@alexshendi @ckeen @wasamasa @forth Ace! 😁

(And yes, I know this is based off of the Jupiter Ace. It's my favorite machine that I'll never be able to own).

Forth Video Course
Joseph Kreydt has some Forth intro videos on YT: