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Learn the Lisp programming language in 2021 https://opensource.com/article/21/5/learn-lisp

Can't stop playing Valheim

Why do English have better historical dramas than Americans?

I ate the last kebab wrap today.

So I saw this deal today to get three kebab sandwiches for the price of two. I was like, yeah it's extra but I'll put them in the fridge and eat them later. Well, after eating two I am already tired of them. It was a good deal, but they were basically just plain wrapped in bread, nothing but meat and some onion and a pickle.

@ballade @tildeverse What's going on here

@thor Looks pretty good

re: 🐱 🐭 "Tom & Jerry" (2021)
@Alexis It's on my list of things to watch

@SteveTheDragon @thor Actually the word "problematic" itself is a problem, imho

@SteveTheDragon @thor I find those people problematic

@SteveTheDragon @thor No they don't hate it, everyone accepts guys (pl)

@thor Oh yeah "you people" is for when you are being bigoted lol

@thor It is technically what the word "you" itself means, though that meaning has been lost over time. I come from a region where we say "you guys", although that's strictly plural. I think "y'all" can also be honorific, like speaking to a single person more politely, which is common in many languages.

@shpuld These look so cool

Like, if only it were Albanian...

Usually I don't have too much of a problem identifying most languages I come across. (Of course, there's many I can't identify on my own.) The one that throws me off the most is Basque. Every time I see it, I start reading it and go, "Man, wtf even is this?" One Google search later: "Oh. Basque."

How is everybody today?

@kaerhon Good for you

@Kommando @lanodan @volpeon This may be true