ben | @ben@pleroma.tilde.zone

hi i'm ben


i run tilde.team and a bunch of tildeverse stuff

will be a short downtime soon, gonna upgrade the vm it's on to bullseye

pleroma.tilde.zone updated to 2.4.0

pleroma up to date

any pleroma devs/admins know how to resolve this error for the masto frontend? https://ttm.sh/uZx.txt

i just moved my instance to a debian VM instead of alpine and this was happening before and after that move

pleroma vm has been recreated on debian buster. recreating db indices took longer than expected. sorry for the unannounced downtime


pleroma.tilde.zone updated to 2.2.0

https://ttm.sh/dPQ.txt this is the error in the logs - any ideas?

seems that the mastodon frontend is not behaving... idk what's going on

happy tooting

this feels much faster now

pleroma.tilde.zone should be moved to the same physical host as tilde.zone now - holler if you notice any issues

howdy pleroma friends - gonna move the pleroma vm to the same host as mastodon. expect a short downtime as i get the vm set up there

short pleroma downtime to vacuum the postgres database

hapy thursdey

just finished vacuuming the pleroma db, sorry for any disruption

ok everything should be all set for pleroma.tilde.zone for now. config migrated into database too

hm my home timeline seems to be missing and or loading infinitely

migrations took a while but pleroma should be back up and running

pleroma.tilde.zone upgraded to 2.1.0