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Just a BSD user.
OS: GNU Hyperbola, OpenBSD
Shell: KSH
Lang: C, Perl, TCL
Bloat: No

Gopher server: texto-plano.xyz/1/~anthk

@joxean Es como los 80. Solo falta que compre un Mortadelo.

@mhd @ajroach42 My graphical tools are close to that. TILL about XCas. I use XMaxima, but XCas looks amazing. My Dillo and Links+ setup are literally the same, except for the font, I use Roboto Condensed for Links 2.27. And CWM instead of JWM. No, not Android, OpenBSD i386.

@DHeadshot @ajroach42 @nytpu from a shell:

. torsocks on

then run qodem inside.

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Hubble's images show the movement of ejecta from Dimorphos after impact. The ejecta appear as rays stretching out from the asteroid.

Plus, Hubble plans to monitor the Didymos-Dimorphos system 10 more times over the next three weeks to find out more!

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/NASAHubble/status/1575483503642398720

This panel shows images taken by Hubble at 22 minutes, 5 hours, and 8.2 hours after NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) intentionally impacted Dimorphos. The images show expanding bright blue plumes of ejecta from the asteroid’s body.


Sooo cute! My first real tamagotchi (finally as an adult I can have it)

@Perugorria Los video CDś son facilmente extraibles a MPEG.

@nytpu @ajroach42 For BBS's, Qodem+Multimail, the perfect combo. It supports those funny upload/download modem protos.

@ajroach42 My OpenBSD setup it's like that, but with CWM, TMUX, Lynx, links, amfora, mutt, isync, msmtp, bitlbee, catgirl and kirc.
Mocp for music, mplayer/mpv for videos, nsxiv for images and Luakit with custom settings for the bloaty web. Yt-dlp+mpv for sites.
Ebook, an sh wrapper with einfo -pp and links.
Games? NFrotz (English/Spanish), Nethack/Slashem, BSDgames, cgames (csokoban mainly). Coding, C, Perl and sometimes TCL/TK.
Mastodon over https://brutaldon.online

Doing the project Euler. On the prime factors exercise, everything it’s faster if you try to get factors bigger than sqrt(n) instead of the factors of n.

@c0debabe hispanidad it's the true latinidad IMHO. Btw, x's screw up Spanish TTS software.

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El expresidente de Mongolia llama a Vladimir Putin a parar la XXXXXX y le acusa de usar a las minorías mongolas del este como carne de cañon. Dice que los rusos que huyan serán bienvenidos en Mongolia. https://twitter.com/elbegdorj/status/1573277765842993154

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/RusiaSeMueve/status/1573577296019132417

@solene xephem is now MIT licensed, and ir has a huge star catalog in a separate git repo. Just saying.

@victorhck En los antiguos unix y bsd venia en /usr/games.

He intentado jugar al crysis original en un Wintendo 10 OEM que tengo para eso y nada más. Me parece sobrevaloradísimo. Muy vistoso, sí. Pasé del 2000 a 2005 jugando a aventuras de texto, roguelikes, snes, nes, md y amiga. Y al Deus Ex. Un Metroid o Contra eran casi lo mismo que crysis pero en 2D y mucho más jugables.
Ok, físicas chulas, pero Contra era mas maniobrable.

@Notxor TCL/TL molan mucho. Pero la potencia de TCL se hace mas llevadera con tcllib, tklib y snack (para sonidos). En mi caso, en OpenBSD, con tklib tengo /usr/local/share/examples/tklib/canvas/osm.tcl que sirve como visor mini de Open Street Maps para mi netbook-chatarra con un atom n270.

Eso como ejemplo de la potencia que ofrece con muy poco.

Con tcllib tienes cosas como modulos de IRC, FTP, HTTP, NNTP, MD5, CRC, csv, ficheros TAR, matematicas con polinomios y calculo infinitesimal… muy bueno, y como digo ocupa muy poco en disco, unos addons indispensables para TCL/TK.

man n tcllib y man n tklib para mas info.

'Helm' is a hardware mailserver, geared towards ease of use - effectively working around stuff like port forwarding and DNS records (A, MX, SPF, DKIM, etc). The marketing department went out of its way to get the message across that 'Helm' is all about privacy and security; "truly private email".

It achieves this beginner-friendly setup by spinning up a proxy with Amazon Web Services.

Greyscale photo of a white, older man holding a bottle of 'snake oil'.