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Just a BSD user.
OS: GNU Hyperbola, OpenBSD
Shell: KSH
Lang: C, Perl, TCL
Bloat: No

Gopher server: texto-plano.xyz/1/~anthk

@ekaitz_zarraga Guile has SDL bindings.

The Institute of Unfinished Research has concluded that 6 out of 10 people

Thirty years ago, I thought that happiness would be getting married, a home, a stable career that I enjoyed, and so on.

Today, I find that happiness is my own bag of chips.

Maybe new terminology is needed. I see programs being described as "light" and even "ultralight." Back in the 90s these programs were just normal. They weren't "light" or anything special. Calling programs light these days implies there's something special about them and that the un-light versions are normal. Let's redefine that: They're not light; they're normal. Describe the others as the megaheavy version.

@makeworld “hath it not been for the singular taste of old Unix, “new Unix” would not exist”


@k Yeah, but usually that takes a bit of effort. I mean, lots of people can read Spanish either by proxy (they speak another Romance language) or , just, well, half of the US has basic notions of Spanish.

Eh, wait. So, lots of English speaking people can read my silly and embarrasing toots in Spanish over the day. Damn.

@meena @pamela eh… Or the reverse. Ai yust rilly uish sambadi in de anglosfer wud step ap an ither stat pronuncin Inglish as si’s raiten, o rait her as sis spouk.

@bertol @koldotxu bah, sensacionalismo. Que sí, que hay que leer despacio, buen tiempo, fiestas y tal y que sepamos hacia dónde nos dirigimos, pero mira, en las noticias de ciencia tienes casos como estos a diario y antes apenas salían en la sección de “salud” en diarios y ni eso, como lo de la gripe porcina acojonando al personal cuando es algo que los veterinarios reducen y controlan echando hostias con un índice de contagio anecdótico de animales a humanos si es que llega.

Demis Roussos en la voz, Vangelis a los teclados, ¿qué podía salir mal? NADA. Que por cierto, ambos eran primos.

Aphrodite's Child - The Four Horsemen (1972)


@joxean tximino ta gizakia: goi gerlaria
cc @zital

If a monkey hoarded more bananas than it could eat, while most of the other monkeys starved, scientists would try to figure out what's wrong.

When humans do it we put them on cover of Forbes.

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'chromium-browser --light' froga ezazue

17 May 1935 the Nazis banned the teaching of Esperanto for "weakening… national character". Esperanto is a constructed international auxiliary language which was particularly popular at the time with workers' groups and revolutionaries. http://libcom.org/library/esperanto-banned-70-years-ago


En serio. Lo que más me flipa de Demis Roussos es cuando mi madre me explica que era un icono sexual.

Y a mí las ropas esas raras que llevaba me recuerdan a gurú de secta y me dan miedo.

Como cambia el deseo con las generaciones.

Su gato diario, gracias.

Gato aventurándose escalera abajo, en un plano contrapicado muy cercano.

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Yes :-)

Forget about making it stable, good quality, and focus on implementing the feature you need. Because that's what matters to *you*.

People who care about "code quality" can work to improve it if they care enough.

This also provides good opportunity to make money out of free software. You can tell people you are working on it if they want this feature sooner, they help you with donations or coding.

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Also “current” C and Unix systems’ philosophy from the Unix creators it’s far simpler than the bloated Unixen that we have today (plan9/9front vs GNU/BSD). OG Unix based on the PDP11 it’s long dead. 9front killed them for the good.

C is not that low level today, current CPU’s run the compiled code barely ensembling what you typed in the source code.

Nowadays C++ won on compilers/browsers, and QT is the new Motif.

One day the Hurd guys will create userspace kernel daemons written in Guile and that would be the most amazing thing ever, at least for a refreshing change in computing.

Chronologically, C, Unix and terminal based domains are to the 2020’s people the same the Eniac looked to us the 50’s, or maybe the IBM mainframes. Thus, give me a modern LISP machine, with an easy REPL as a shell, and some GUILE+GTK based DE. Or Emacs+EXWM without the locks on I/O and something aking to “eyebrowse” by default. Or better, easy floating mode with tags a la CWM, best of both worlds. Make every Emacs window a literal modern one.

@devinprater @redstarfish org-mode would have far more sense for blind people. You forget about the layout, you just structure the document between tags, and then org-mode will export that to any document format you’d like, perfectly good for anyone. I say this as a sighted person: word processor are shit for writting documments, more than often the document’s layout scrambles itself with just a silly “intro” keypress.

Because it’s difficult to spot sometimes when the layout it’s formatted and when it’s not. We just see a blank space between distinct formatted paragraphs, we are as aware as you as the formatting unless we put the cursor on the blank space and type out somethin or by looking up at the changing toolbars. I hate them.