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Just a BSD user.
OS: Void, OpenBSD
Shell: KSH
Lang: C, Perl
Bloat: No

Gopher server: texto-plano.xyz/1/~anthk

@rysiek As a non-English speaker, I consider English as the C++ of the languages.

@fanta @aracnido1969 @puppetmaster Hola, creo que las ultimas builds de ScummVM soportan Ultima VI.

The Mastodon instance I belong it’s getting weird: I only get notifications from @ed1conf It’s like The Twilight Zone but with Unix.

@solene on your post about brutaldon, here's the most recent repo:

@solene @stsp Got PPSSPP installed on a recent Nix distro and have fun by just scaling up the emulator 2X, at 3X games look amazing.

@ed1conf @solene I have a PocketCHIP and once you fire up CWM, st and TMUX the battery last several hours, more than 5 and 6 at least, because the CPU scaling profile is at the lowest (~400 MHZ). The char size for a 80x25 term sucks (6x10 fixed iso-10686, but it’s better than nothing). On IF and Slashem the batt usage it’s almost the same. My perfect machine would be:

  • ARM but with a proper boot fw
  • Tiny Linux/BSD distro with CWM, st, sxiv and friends.
  • Proper Qwerty non-rubber/non-metal keyboard.
  • 8” at least, so an 80x25 term could have proper fonts
  • Clamshell design
  • Speakers/Minijack
  • Eink is fine, but the device’s costs will be far more expensive
  • Optionally, 5v solar powered

@claudiom Try malice for quake too. Modb has a ready pkg for quakespasm, lowercase all the files.

So, I downloaded the "Dimension of the Past" add-on for and got it working on in .

I just learned about this mod yesterday. Here's to another timesuck! 🪓😅

My Dell Latitude E6410 running Quake Episode 5: Dimension of the Past through QuakeSpasm on OpenBSD. On the screen is the opening platform where you select the level as Ranger wields the shotgun.

@ajroach42 opus at 12k is good.

I hate that The Twilight Zone is not in the public domain yet, the series was more hooking than current media zillions episodes long.
And I feel the same with "Who Goes There" from John W. Campbell, it's like "The Thing" v 0.9. Technically it's public domain but it has been taken out from Archive.org.

Mañana escribiré una guía en mi gopherhole sobre como explotar el #framebuffer (hoy #kms) de #Linux incluso mas allá del audio y el vídeo, pues con SDL y SDL2 no hace falta ni levantar las X para lanzar emuladores o juegos. También exploraré un cliente VNC para fb, aunque puede ser limitado debido a que el framebuffer (puede que sea por kms y no el fb puro) no permite alojar un cuadro mayor que el actual. Al menos no de forma directa, fbi y fbpdf hacen un mapeado para evitar que la imagen salga totalmente distorsionada e ilegible.

Re-reading Ed Mastery

Joder, toda la mañana tosiendo...
Maldito tiempo.

re: Adult talk.

@unfa Fight The New Drug is a religious organization that is heavily biased against porn, and it’s “studies” are unscientific and unsupported by the larger scientific community.

Src: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2016/04/a-crisis-of-education/478206/

“The group denies a formal affiliation with the Mormon church, though as journalist Samantha Allen notes, its founders are all Mormon, and its facts rely on claims from Mormon author Donald Hilton’s He Restoreth My Soul: Understanding and Breaking the Chemical and Spiritual Chains of Pornography through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.”

“While drug abuse is perennially among the leading drivers of morbidity and mortality, the American Academy of Psychiatry has repeatedly deemed evidence insufficient that sex and porn addiction be recognized as mental disorders.”

“…when Danish criminologist Berl Kutchinsky charted sexual aggression in the two decades after Denmark and Sweden legalized pornography, the crimes did not increase in step with pornography distribution, but actually declined. This suggested to him that pornography was an outlet for sexual expression less than a driver of problematic real-world behavior.”

There is also this article from certified sex therapists: https://archive.sltrib.com/article.php?id=4409139&itype=CMSID

“The largest published neuroscience study of this topic to date, as well as a series of published behavioral studies, shows that those who report problems viewing sex films do not resemble any other substance or “behavioral” addictions. According to their own website, 90 percent of FTND attendees end up agreeing that “pornography releases the same chemicals in your brain as other hard drugs” compared to 43 percent who believed this prior to their presentation. FTND is advertising their ability to successfully spread false information.”

“FTND claims they use ‘peer reviewed science and research’ to back their information. A ‘sex/porn addiction’ diagnosis does not exist in the DSM-5, which was explicitly rejected for ‘lack of scientific evidence.’”

la instancia de pleroma en la que ando empieza a hacer cosas raras respecto a la interacción. Puede que me haga cuenta en @nogafam.es visto lo visto.

@Nigridal La cultura de frikis informaticos y electronicos.

@ParadeGrotesque Good, now I don't need Nvi2

The Arecibo radio telescope, the largest observatory in the world for 50 years, collapsed today. Here’s a latch-hook rug I made of the message it broadcast in 1974 and the globular cluster that was the target of that message. Rip you big ass telephone

A rug showing the Arecibo message in yarn A rug, hanging on a wall, showing the globular star cluster M13

El que mi avatar sea un numero irracional no significa que sea un bot.