Yeah, me too. https://gizmodo.com/i-miss-the-handspring-visor-1836224245

"Even today, when powering up my Visor again with a pair of AAA batteries, I’m reminded why it was so appealing. I don’t have to charge it, connect it to a wifi network, agree to endless EULAs, explicitly ask it to respect my privacy, create online accounts, or dig out the passwords for countless apps. After a brief tutorial and stylus calibration, its app-filled home screen pops open in an instant."

You really don't understand how much bullshit tech companies have conditioned us to put up with until you pick up a device from 20 or 30 years ago. The absence of all the bullshit on the old device really puts all your current ones into stark contrast.

@jalefkowit I use an hp omnibook 300 every week.

4AAs. Instant on. Blazing fast OS in rom.

@ajroach42 @jalefkowit and I miss websites without painful popups asking to accept trackers that are already loaded anyway…

@jalefkowit The lack of any "stand-alone" mindset so-as to drag you into some kind of service contract is sadly THE WAY these days. Stemming from the inflated salaries and "movement" expectations of investors.
There are some tech industries that "live in the past" in some ways. The irony is we often get frustrated by this "ancient tech". MODBUS, IEEE-488 (GPIB), NMEA-2000 while not "shiny and new" they do provide incredible ecosystem interoperability which we should all aspire for more of.

@jduckles @jalefkowit not to mention that there will be no "using it again after 30 years, by putting in some fresh batteries" at all. As these services it interfaces with will long have been merged, adquiered, sold and sunset in the great profit seeking meat grinder...

@chotee @jduckles @jalefkowit we’re all just renting these devices now, essentially

@mmu_man @ajroach42 @jalefkowit Using Links in the framebuffer with fbi as the image viewer (minus GIFs, those are handled by mpv) and fbpdf for PDF’s it’s the best experience ever. Pleroma load fine over https://brutaldon.org No ads, no crap. “Links -g” for articles full of images (that way you don’t use fbi separately).